Climate Change Challenge!

Bite a lemon and Support Climate Action.
Urge politicians to implement Paris Agreement COP 21.

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Climate Change is Real!

Everything on Earth is affected.
The planet needs a solution.

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Interested in our Planet?

“Take Climate Action”.
Reduce worldwide GHG emissions.

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Join our Challenge

We have created a Challenge to raise awareness of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification, where people around the globe can get involved to raise their voice.

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Support Climate Action: COP 21-23

In 2015, the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), after 20 years of UN negotiations, achieved a legally binding Universal Agreement to keep global warming below 2°C.

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Education is essential for people to understand the causes and impacts of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification, as well as to decrease our daily CO2 emissions by changing our behavior.
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What is Climate Change?

It is the Change in Earth’s Climate due to the increased concentrations of anthropogenic CO2 released into the atmosphere by human (anthropogenic).

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Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification is a decrease in the ocean pH caused by the dissolution of the anthropogenic CO2 in ocean waters.

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Changing your behavior, conserving and do not wasting energy. The clue is using energy and natural resources in a smart way.

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