Solutions of Climate Change

“ Climate Change is affecting our planet, our lives and our health ”

How could you contribute to the solutions of Climate Change?

Changing your daily behavior, conserving and don’t wasting energy. 

About 40-50% of the CO2 emissions in US cities are due to residential and commercial electricity consumption, and half of this energy is wasted, because we have incorrect habits and excessive electric energy consumption, such as: leaving lights on everywhere at home, using traditional incandescent light bulbs, A/C and heating running all day long even when we aren’t at home, letting the water running to warm up before shower or when we brush our teeth, using our cars to go everywhere (even if it’s close and we could walk), excessive consume of bottled water, plastic bottles and bags, food wasted, etc.

The clue to live more sustainably and mitigate or reduce climate change is by using energy and natural resources in a smart way.

Loving and caring for you planet.

How could you contribute to the solutions of Climate Change?

  • Promote and use renewable energy in your house, school, office and vehicle.
  • Reduce your personal electricity consumption by using solar panels, LED light bulbs (save 40% energy), energy efficiency certified products, etc.
  • Save energy by having your lights on only in the place you are and when needed (getting an electricity monitor and using electricity in a smart and conservative way).
  • Keep your cooling and heating systems running only when needed and tuned them.
  • Be water wise by conserving it and don’t let water running for long time.
  • Change your car for fuel efficient, hybrid or electric vehicle. Use more public transportation and drive less (bike, walk, carpool).
  • Buy local food (reduce transportation), do not waste it and eat less meat.
  • Use sustainable products and read labels.
  • Think twice before shopping, buy what you truly need “Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle”.
  • Reduce your use of bottled water, since the process involved transportation and manufacture of plastic bottles (CO2 emissions).
  • Invest your $$$ in efficient energy technologies, industries, and approaches.
  • Be against deforestation and excessive building development.
  • Plant at home or be part of a community garden to produce some of your daily food.
  • Don’t throw garbage in natural areas (respect our nature).
  • Get involved in environmental projects to protect our Mother Earth.
  • Vote for candidates interested in protecting the environment and our social issues.
  • Get politically involved in your community. Raise your voice. Defend our planet, because it’s our home.
  • Write a list of actions, easy steps, that you can do at home to reduce your energy consumption and decrease your CO2 emissions (carbon footprint). Paste it on your refrigerator, then you can see this list every day in order to change your behavior. Then, be proud of yourself.
  • Keep in mind that local actions help global changes.
  • Think of your own solutions, write them or make a video and post it in our Facebook “Climate Change Challenge”.  Feel free to share your experiences with us.  Motivation is a big help for the world.

Live in a Sustainable community

Use Solar Panels

Change to LED lights (they are 50% more efficient and has longer life span than traditional lights)

Change your car for fuel efficient, hybrid or electric vehicle

Use Compostable and Biodegradable Cups, dishes, etc.

Participate in Environmental Activities.

Loving and caring for our planet.

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