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We have created a Challenge to raise awareness of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification, where people around the globe must get involved to raise their voice. By biting or drinking the lemon/lime juice, you’re symbolically representing the acid that is destroying the ocean (Ocean Acidification).


How to do the “Climate Change Challenge”?

1- Grab a lemon or lime, and your camera or cellphone.

2- Record a 15 seconds Video of yourself doing the Climate Change Challenge following our script or make your own.

3- Post your video on our Facebook page.

4- Use #ClimateChangeChallenge to share it with your friends.

5- If you like, donate for Educational Programs about Climate Change and Ocean acidification.

“State your Name and Act”

Climate Change Challenge Script

SAY: Hi, I am  (name, country and profession)I am doing the Climate Change Challenge because”I don’t need to be a scientist to understand Climate Change and Ocean Acidification”.

THEN: Bite a lemon/lime or take a shot of the juices and make a face!

SAY: I support CLIMATE ACTION and I nominate (say the name of 2 friends) to take the Climate Change Challenge.

Feel free to say and act your own script, but it will be nice that you include the slogan of our campaign

“I don’t need to be a scientist to understand Climate Change and Ocean Acidification”

We want to change the public’s mindset that only scientists and environmental activists care about these topics.

Please read and implement the solutions presented here, and collaborate with us sending emails and videos about your own mitigation solutions. Sharing your own experience will encourage our audience to follow your example.

Social Networks

Social Networks

Facebook: Climate Change Challenge 

Twitter: @ClimateChangeFL

Instagram: Climate_Change_Challenge 





Make a Donation

Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help us to expand our educational programs worldwide, to raise awareness about Climate Change & Ocean Acidification, and protect our wonderful Planet.

Education is essential for people to understand the causes and impacts of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification, as well as to decrease our daily CO2 emissions by changing our behavior.

Everything helps since funds for education are very limited and scarce.

It’s up to YOU to change the world!

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